Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

gavel-litigateAt City Pacific Lawyers, we are highly experienced in commercial litigation matters.

We’ve successfully resolved disputes of all sizes, ranging from claims for several thousand to several million dollars. We manage litigation matters in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court.

Our commercial litigation lawyers have trained with major firms in Melbourne and are supported by an in-office network of highly-trained, professional and committed staff, using the latest technology and resources to ensure the best possible representation.

We employ client-focused, results-oriented strategies in litigation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods in accordance with the particular aspects of the matter, the dynamics of the situation and your wishes.

Court statistics show that approximately 96 percent of proceedings instigated by litigants are settled prior to judgment. Our focus is therefore to strategically manage the litigation process to maximise the most favourable outcome for our client.

When necessary, we’ll take enforcement action to recover judgment sums including instigating winding up and bankruptcy proceedings.

Whether your dispute arises from a business structure, breach of commercial agreement, or is a property or employment matter – the needs are similar; focused lawyers who understand the issues and are attentive to your needs.

Mediation – Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers understand the value of mediation as a means of settling disputes. Over the years we’ve learned that a large proportion of litigated matters will settle at or as a result of mediation. Court statistics confirm this.

Mediation is usually a mandatory step required by higher courts as part of the litigation process.

We offer the service of a trained mediator to conduct mediations of commercial disputes prior to or during litigation. We recognise the advantages that mediation can bring to a dispute both in terms of minimising costs, preserving relationships and maintaining control of the process.

We also have experience in alternative forms of dispute resolution.

You will ultimately benefit from the different understanding and approach that mediation-trained lawyers can bring.

Our lawyers have expertise in areas including:

Business Structure Disputes
Shareholdings in private companies
Joint ventures
Sale and purchase of business
Breach of Commercial Arrangements
Intellectual property agreements or misuse of intellectual property
Licence agreements
Distribution agreements
Manufacturing agreements
Commercial Debts
Recovery of non-disputed debts
Instigation or defence of proceedings for disputed debts
Enforcement of judgment debts
Winding up proceedings
Bankruptcy proceedings
Enforcement of leases and licences
Infringement of property rights
Damage or misuse of property
Employment Law
Enforcement of rights under employment or contractor agreements
Defence of claims by employees
Unfair dismissal matters

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