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  1. The process of obtaining probate : City Pacific Lawyers

    The process of obtaining probate

    26 | Apr 2019

    Probate is a grant made by a Court that ‘proves’ the Will of a deceased person and vests title to estate assets in the executor/s. This is the official process that allows the executor to deal with the deceased’s estate. As the legal personal representative of the estate, the executor must determine the assets and […]

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  2. Wills for Blended Families : City Pacific Lawyers

    Wills for Blended Families

    12 | Mar 2019

      Making a Will is important, particularly if you are part of a blended family. A blended family is a family in which one or both partners have a child or children from a previous relationship. Careful estate planning now should ensure that all of your intended beneficiaries are provided for when you die and […]

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  3. FAQ on Estate Planning : City Pacific Lawyers

    FAQ on Estate Planning

    13 | Nov 2018

    While many people are unlikely to nominate estate planning (aka “Thinking about what will happen to my assets when I die”) as being on their “most wanted things to do” list, in reality, this is something that should be on all our “must do” lists. Proactively planning for how you would like your assets distributed […]

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  4. Can your ex-de facto inherit under your Will? : City Pacific Lawyers

    Can your ex-de facto inherit under your Will?

    30 | May 2018

    Once upon a time you were happily living together with your de facto partner. Roses were bought, dinners were cooked, finances were shared and Wills were signed leaving all your assets to the other partner in the event of what you then thought of as the far away time of your tragic passing. Thoughts of […]

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  5. Changes to Powers of Attorney – Victoria : City Pacific Lawyers

    Changes to Powers of Attorney – Victoria

    7 | Mar 2018

    On 1 May 2017 the Powers of Attorney Act 2014 (Vic) was amended by the Powers of Attorney Amendment Act 2016 (Vic). The amending Act introduced changes to clarify some operational and other matters associated with the making of a power of attorney. Further changes are forecast with the new Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions […]

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  6. Marriage, divorce and your Will – What you need to know : City Pacific Lawyers

    Marriage, divorce and your Will – What you need to know

    30 | Jan 2018

    About half of all Australians don’t have a valid Will. Of those who do, many put their Will away in the bottom drawer of their filing cabinet and never think of it again. But making a Will is not a once in a lifetime task. Rather, it’s something that needs to be reconsidered and perhaps […]

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  7. Retirement Living Life beyond bingo and bowls! : City Pacific Lawyers

    Retirement Living Life beyond bingo and bowls!

    20 | Sep 2017

    Not surprisingly people talk about buying their first home as being a life changing event and it is. However, in the past it has been rare for people to talk so excitedly about moving into some form of retirement living. Given that sooner or later most of us are likely to have to deal with […]

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  8. Why it’s a bad idea to write your own Will : City Pacific Lawyers

    Why it’s a bad idea to write your own Will

    18 | Jul 2017

    It is relatively easy to find a free Will template on the internet and fairly cheap to buy a Will “kit” from a newsagent or online. There are also websites that have “data collectors” that take your information and create a Will for you seemingly without any legal expertise required. So, is it really a […]

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  9. Challenging a Will in Victoria : City Pacific Lawyers

    Challenging a Will in Victoria

    24 | Nov 2016

    Claims can be made for further provision from a deceased estate if relatives or loved ones believe that insufficient provision has been made for them however, not everyone is entitled to challenge the validity of a Will. To be entitled to challenge you must have an “interest” in the deceased estate. That means you must […]

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  10. Being the executor in a deceased estate : City Pacific Lawyers

    Being the executor in a deceased estate

    20 | Oct 2016

    After a person dies someone has to look after the assets of that person and pay the person’s debt. Although the person is no longer here, his or her affairs must be finalised and the person to finalise the affairs is appointed by the Will of the deceased.   Where a person is appointed by […]

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