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Probate & Estate Administration

At City Pacific Lawyers we have experience in assisting in the administration of deceased estates and provide executors with advice at all stages of the estate administration process from probate to taxation.

We can advise and assist you in the areas of:

Application of Probate

Obtaining a grant of probate of a will is a procedure that takes place before a person’s final wishes can be carried out. A grant of probate is a document issued by the Probate Office of the Supreme Court which states that the executor has proven the will is valid.

Distribution of Assets

Once a grant of probate has been received, the executor is then free to deal with the assets and distribute to the beneficiaries of the will. However, this can sometimes be a complex and challenging task, especially where large amounts of money, personal assets and business or company assets are involved.

Letters of Administration

If no valid will can be located, we are also able to provide specialist advice to the next of kin of a deceased person who may seek to be appointed administrator of the estate in order to be able to deal with the assets of the estate.
We understand that this can be a difficult time for our clients and our office will guide you through the process of applying for probate and help handle the collection and retrieval of assets, payment of estate debts and making distributions to beneficiaries to reduce stress during this time.

Our office has specialist accreditation in property law and is able to further help carry out property transactions or the conveyance of any estate property.


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